Rubik's Edge

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  • Made of post consumer recycled plastic
  • Simplified version of the classic Rubik’s® puzzle with only 1 layer instead of the standard 3
  • Great for beginners interested in working up to the full size puzzle cube
  • Art that crosses gaps between tiles may not be read clearly
  • Not available blank Sold under license exclusively for promotional use, not for retail sales Green panel contains the Rubik's® logo
  • Rubik's® products sold are for branded promotional use only
  • All our cubes are produced under license from Spin Master Toys UK Limited.  RUBIK’S® and RUBIK’S CUBE® are registered trademarks of Spin Master Toys UK Limited.
  • Product Size: 2.25" w x 2.25" h x 0.75" d
  • NOTE: Product eligible for custom overseas production, with 6 sides of 4CP printing only. Contact alphabroder Source Abroad for details
  • Deco Eligible
  • 24-Hour Rush Eligible. More information here

Rubik's® products sold by alphabroder are for branded promotional use only and must be sold embellished. All orders submitted will be reviewed to meet artwork requirements. Artwork must have the company name, logo and website. Any missing information will result in the order being stopped and will jeopardize your ship date. Logo restrictions apply to this product - see Policies for Branded & Private Brands at this link