the most effective way to let your customers see & touch their apparel choices.
Save up to 50% off
limit 50 pieces per year
limit of 2 pieces per style, size, color
regular freight charges apply


By letting a customer touch and test out a product, you're likely to turn an interested customer into a sale.

save up to 50% off available from any warehouse
50% off

25% off all other brands
Freight charges apply. Clearance items not eligible.

Sample Advantage Program

Our Sample Advantage Program rewards you with marketing funds to help you grow your business. By letting a customer touch & test a product, you're more likely to turn an interested customer into a sale. Every dollar you spend on our Private Brands apparel contributes to your Sample Advantage rewards next year.

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Garment Samples from alphabroder

As a screen printing and embroidery business, you have large orders for clothing and promotional products that will have to please a lot of people, so to ensure their satisfaction we recommend you get garment samples from alphabroder. These garment and promotional product samples are the best way for your customers to see and touch all the apparel options from brands like American Apparel, Columbia, BELLA+CANVAS, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Marmot, Nautica, and more. Having promotional product samples like these will give your customers a premium experience because seeing a color and style in person with one's own eyes rather than on a screen from an online store makes a big difference.

As good as computers and mobile devices have gotten in the past several years, nothing beats seeing a color or style in person, how it looks in different lighting, how it looks on different fabrics, and how other colors printed on it will appear. Additionally, according to the Institute for Color Research, people can make a subconscious judgement about products and people within 90 seconds and 2/3 of that judgement is based on color. This makes finding the perfect choice bulk apparel and promotional products with garment samples from alphabroder all the more important and your customers will appreciate the lengths you've gone to in ensuring their satisfaction.

alphabroder Promotional Product Samples

Helping your customers choose the right color of fabric for their needs with alphabroder's promotional product samples goes a long way in ensuring their satisfaction. Our garment samples are available nationwide, so order now and you can save up to 50% off!

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