Benefits of Integration

  • Reduction in phone calls, manual data entry and typing/reading emails
  • Eliminates transposing of data and keying errors
  • Real time inventory checking, product data, order placement and order status/shipment notification
  • Improved and targeted communication

Product Files

alphabroder offers numerous files containing product information. These files are available for download from our website under Marketing – Reference – Product Info Download.

The 3 Most Widely Used Files

Product – Item level details – including catalog page number, description, color & size group codes, as well as hex code, case quantities, product weight, image names, and more.
Price – Contains regular pricing at the item level.

This file contains regular price and case pack information, product weight, item and style description, PMS codes, launch date and more. Domain and image names - needed for building image urls - are also included in this file.

This file contains style level information, including description and features presented on our website. It includes the mill name, item count (how many colors and sizes), and category. Domain and image names - needed for building image urls - are also included in this file.

All files can be linked by the alphabroder item number or GTIN
These files are also available via FTP

Types of Integration

Product availability, purchase order, order status, shipment notification and invoice details exchanged through flat files and/or web services that provide real time statuses. FTP options include using your server or our server with a secure login.

US standards based EDI – documents supported include 850 (purchase order), 855 (purchase order acknowledgement), 856 (advanced shipment notice), 810 (invoice) and 997 (functional acknowledgement).

Promo Standards
Industry leading open standards that enable participants to improve customer experience, reduce transactional friction and effectively execute digital strategies through web services. Participants include suppliers, distributors and service companies.

Our Integration Guide provides more detailed information about files, orders, images, services and more. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a call to discuss your integration needs, please feel free to reach out to an integration specialist at [email protected]. We look forward to partnering with you.

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