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How to Find Products, Inventory and Pricing

We have one of the largest product selections in the industry. Here are some tips for finding the products what you need, including real-time inventory by warehouse.

How to Use Web Filters

Save time and find just the right products using the website's extensive filtering capabilities. This training is especially useful for sales personnel.

| 0 min 43 sec

How to View Inventory Across All Warehouses

Whether you want to view stock available at each warehouse or across the entire network, you can see real-time inventory for each product online in just a click.

| 0 min 37 sec

How to Check Incoming Inventory and Restock Date

If an item is out of stock and we have incoming inventory, you can easily see on the website when the item will be replenished.

| 0 min 37 sec

How to Download Product Images

Get free photos of any product for presentations, flyers and virtual mock-ups in just a few clicks.

| 0 min 37 sec

Placing and Managing Orders

It's hard to beat the convenience and time-savings of online ordering. These videos will help you or the procurement professionals in your organization learn the ins and outs of online purchasing from alphabroder.

How to Place a Decorated Order

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to save time and get the fastest decoration services by submitting your order online.

| 6 min 34 sec

Using the Express Order Interface

Designed with busy buyers in mind, this training will teach you how to purchase using our Express Order interface. Please Note: Currently, this feature is only available for blank apparel ordering.

| 1 min 08 sec

Viewing Your Order History

How to check the status of orders in progress and view your alphabroder order history online.

| 2 min 17 sec

Invoices and Payments

These how-to videos will help you or the accounting professionals on your team manage payment information and pay invoices online.

How to Pay Invoices

How to access and securely pay invoices from your account on alphabroder.com.

| 3 min 12 sec

Returns and Customer Service

Need a hand? We're here to help with general questions, order inquiries, a convenient return process and more.

How to Contact Us

How to reach Customer Service using the email and Live Chat functionality on the website.

| 0 min 35 sec

Submitting a Return Online

How to return part or all of your alphabroder order online. Please Note: this feature is only available for blank apparel currently and restrictions apply. [Return Policy]

| 0 min 56 sec

Managing Your alphabroder Account

Quickly and easily manage your password, users on your account and other settings.

Using Your Dashboard

How to use the online dashboard to quickly find order information and account management features.

| 2 min 12 sec

How to Manage Shipping Addresses and Set a Default Address

The address book feature allows you to easily manage shipping addresses and set a default shipping address for your account, saving valuable time at checkout.

| 0 min 53 sec

How to Upload Your Resale or Tax Exemption Certificate

Geared towards tax exempt organizations and resellers, this tutorial will walk you through how to upload tax exemption certificates to alphabroder.com.

| 3 min 23 sec

Account Roles and Permissions

alphabroder makes it easy to manage who has access to purchasing and other capabilities for your account. This overview is useful for understanding the user roles for alphabroder.com and how to set them up for your company.

| 4 min 48 sec

How to Change Your Password

A step-by-step demonstration of how to update your alphabroder.com password.

| 0 min 34 sec

Marketing Tools

These free sales and marketing resources can save you time and help grow your business!

Using the Sample Advantage Program

Learn how to use Sample Advantage, a program in which qualifying customers can earn rewards to help grow their business.

| 1 min 59 sec

How to Use Generic Websites

Your customers can browse alphabroder's complete assortment, including real-time inventory and coded pricing (optional), without ever knowing our company name. The best part? No setup is required.

| 4 min 12 sec

How to Use Custom Websites

Learn how to build a shoppable catalog website for your brand or a customer, where you can accept quote requests and more. Setup is a snap!

| 15 min 38 sec