Bulk Fabric Swatch Cards

More likely than not, your business will be making big orders for clothing, accessories, and other promotional products that will be seen by many people, and bulk fabric swatch cards from alphabroder will go a long way in ensuring your customer's satisfaction with the finished product. Sure, they could just look at an image on their computer screen but there's really nothing better than a wholesale clothing swatch for you customers to see and feel their clothing choices!

Although the screens of computers and mobile devices have become extremely advanced in the past several years, they don't come close to seeing a color in person, how it looks with different colors printed on it, and how it looks in different lighting. Also, people make subconscious judgements about things within just 90 seconds, and 2/3 of that judgement is based on color. There's also no way to touch and feel a product except in person so customers that come to your physical location will likely be expecting a sample product to touch, feel, and try on. This makes helping your customers out and providing them the service they're expecting with bulk fabric swatch cards from alphabroder all the more important. With us, you can get a wholesale clothing swatch for a wide variety of brands - BELLA+CANVAS, Columbia, American Apparel, Marmot, Gildan, Hanes, and more!

alphabroder Wholesale Clothing Swatch

By seeing and touching the potential product with a garment sample, your customers are vastly more likely to make a purchase and be happy with their order. Additionally, these bulk fabric swatch cards help ensure that you are delivering products that meet your customers' expectations.

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