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Where can I send comments or feedback regarding the Design Studio?
Feedback can be sent to [email protected]

How do you access the Design Studio?
The Design Studio can be accessed by clicking the blue Design Studio button located on a product page. Additionally, the Design Studio can be accessed under the 'Marketing Tools' menu by clicking on 'NEW Design Studio'.

Is there any charge to use the Design Studio?
No. The Design Studio is available free of charge on

Are there any browser restrictions when using the Design Studio?
The Design Studio supports the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If you experience any issues, please first check that your browser is up-to-date with the most recent version. For the best overall experience, Chrome is highly reccomended.

Are there any limits on the number of designs that can be saved from the Design Studio?
No. There are not any limits on the number of designs that can be saved, downloaded or edited.

What types of files can be uploaded into the Design Studio?
.pdf, .eps, .svg, .png, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .gif

Are there any limits on the size of a file being uploaded into the Design Studio?
Yes. The InkSoft Design Studio has a maximum file size of 50mb.

Is artwork that I upload available to others?
No.  Files that you upload are only available for you to use.

Where can artwork be added on products?
Depending on the product chosen, you have the ability to add designs to the front, back, and/or side of a product by selecting 'Art Locations' in the Design Studio.

Are there restrictions on the size of a logo that can be added onto a product?
Each product has a built in design area.  Artwork can be made as small or as large as you need, so long as it does not exceed the design area designated for the product.

Can I edit a saved design?
Yes. From the 'marketing tools' menu, select 'My Designs'. You will see an 'edit' option at each design. Selecting edit will open the Design Studio with the selected design. After making modifications to the design, click 'save' to update the design.
PLEASE NOTE: Editing a design is permanent. It is not possible to revert back.

Are there restrictions on the design templates and clip art provided in the Design Studio?
InkSoft has made 350 interactive design templates and 500 clip art elements available in the Design Studio. These are royalty free stock graphics.

Why are some styles not available to use with the Design Studio?
Products for which front, side, or back imagery do not currently exist are not available.

Can you download designs that are created in the Design Studio?
Yes.  When you access the 'My Designs' page (accessible under the 'Marketing Tools' menu) you will see a link to 'Render' underneath the thumbnail image of your designs.  Click that link and once complete, that link will now say download.  From there you can download the ZIP file containing the art files directly to your computer.

What types of files can be downloaded from the Design Studio?
The Design Studio will produce both a PNG image file and a high resolution SVG file.  The SVG file is a vector art file that can be uploaded into professional illustration software. If the design is digital only, a digital PNG file will be available in the download.

Does the Design Studio work with embroidery files?
No. Currently this functionality is not available, but we hope to add it in the near future.

Are there any training resources available on the Design Studio?
InkSoft developed a training video specifically for alphabroder customers that can accessed by visiting the 'About Design Studio' page under the 'Marketing Tools' menu or by CLICKING HERE.

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