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Hang Tags

Hang tags add a professional touch to your samples!

Hang tags, or apparel tags, are a great way to label your samples and communicate all the info about a particular product in a compact, professional way.

Our hang tags include all product information, sizes, colors and the suggested retail price (code A, double the case price).

Order printed hang tags by clicking the link below. You can also download a product's hang tag PDF by clicking Hang Tag on the product's ordering page. You must be logged in to download hang tags.

Devon & Jones Harriton Team 365 Core 365 North End North End Sport Red
Devon & Jones Hang Tags Harriton Hang Tags Team 365 Hang Tags Core 365 Hang Tags North End Hang Tags North End Sport Red Hang Tags
North End Sport Blue UltraClub Marmot Puma Golf Puma Sport Marmot
North End Sport Blue Hang Tags UltraClub Hang Tags Marmot Hang Tags Puma Golf Hang Tags Puma Sport Hang Tags Spyder Hang Tags
North End Sport Blue          
Threadfast Hang Tags          
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