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Flex Express Pickup

The Flex Express pickup option is available for orders containing 5 boxes or less. You will be asked the desired delivery location's 5 digit zip code and offered a number of FedEx pickup locations from which to choose. Sorry, no COD orders.

We'll let you know by email once your order has shipped along with a FedEx tracking number. We'll also notify you once the package has arrived at FedEx for pickup. You have 5 days to pick up your order from the day of delivery. FedEx returns all orders not picked up within that time.

Your order invoices the day it ships to the FedEx Pickup center. When picking up the order, you must show a government-issued ID to the FedEx agent.

Flex Express is an easy, convenient way to put money spent on freight charges back into your pocket. Why not try Flex Express today?

**Please check for specific FedEx hours.

Find a Flex Express FedEx Location

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